Bisse de Corbassière







This bisse was built in 2010. The environment of this bisse is very alpine. It can be traversed in a loop by taking the spectacular footbridge that spans the last glacier tongue of the Corbassière glacier.The climb from Fionnay to join the bisse is rough, but once arrived, the landscape is so beautiful that we forget the effort.The bisse itself is not very long (about 1, 5 km), however the hike loop to Brunet hut or return to Fionnay represents between 10 and 15 km with a significant drop.


Total length : up to the Brunet hut about 11 km

Altitude : between 1,500 and 2,600 meters above sea level

Route time : 5 hours for the loop to Brunet, count an hour more from Brunet to Fionnay

Location :  Fionnay in the Bagnes valley, direction Mauvoisin dam

Difficulty : difficult hiking and discouraged for people prone to vertigo

Ordinance Survey map 1 : 50'000  n. 283 Arolla

Best period : June to September