Bisses de Trusera and Wuhr


These two bisses can be followed in a loop. The Bisse de Wuhr crosses pastures below the village of Ernen. The Bisse de Trusera which was restored in 2006, begins above Mühlebach and runs along the forest above Ernen.
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Total length : Approximately 10 km

Altitude : Between 1000 and 1400 metres.

Route time : Approximately 3 hours. 

Location :  Ernen, to the left of he Rhône, Valley of Conches (Goms)

Difficulty : No particular difficulty. 

Ordinance Survey map 1 : 50'000  no. 264 and 265 T (Jungfrau and Nufenenpass)

Best period : June to October.

These bisses contain water from June to October.