Bisses de Stägeru et Lüegjeru


These two bisses are walked in a loop. The Stägeru dates from the mid-sixteenth century. The Lüegjeru was once called the Gutt-Sue. Its water source has been abandoned and it is now fed by the Stägeru.


Total length : Approximately 6 km.

Altitude : Between 850 and 950 metres.

Route time : 2 hours. 

Location :  To the right of the Rhône, above Niedergesteln and Gampel. 

Difficulty : At the point at which the Stägeru takes water there is a vertiginous stretch that can be avoided. Otherwise, there are a few vertical drops of three or four metres but they are equipped with a hand-rail.

Ordinance Survey map 1 : 50'000  no. 274 T Viège (Visp).

Best period : May to November.