Bisses of the Val des Dix

Location: Val d’Hérens on the left bank of the Rhône. Departure from Hérémence, Mâche or Prapperot.

Departure and route: Hérémence, Mâche or Prapperot, parking available; hike is marked. The Tour of the bisses of the Val des Dix offers you a discovery of the region between hamlets and mayens. This sporty pedestrian loop takes you along the old waterways created by our ancestors to make the land in the valley cultivable. Explore the bisse of Hérémence, Ernayaz and Euseigne. To date, only the Bisse d’Euseigne is still in operation and has water from mid-May to mid-September. This route is recommended from mid-May to October.


A symbol of Valais heritage, the bisses are historic irrigation canals that channel water through vineyards, meadows and orchards. Many bisses are still used and maintained and today are also paths along the water for beautiful hikes.