Bisse de la Tsandra



Built during the fifteenth century, this bisse flows partly in the open air and partly through a water duct.


Total length : Approximately 11 km.

Altitude : Between 1000 and 1400 metres.

Route time : Approximately 3 hours to Aven.

Location : Mayens de My and Conthey, to the right of the Rhône.

Difficulty : This bisse can follow on from the Petit Bisse which starts at the Grande Zour. There is no particular difficulty, though there are one or two overpasses on the Petit Bisse. These can be avoided by joining the Petit Bisse 1 km lower and using a forest road which ascends to the right of the main road.

Ordinance Survey map 1 : 50'000  no. 273T Montana.

Best period : Mid-May to mid-October.

This bisse contains water from early June to late October.