Bisse du Torrent Neuf/Savièse


 Also known as the Bisse du Torrent Neuf and built at the beginning of the fifteenth century, this bisse has been restored and offers a spectacular walk past sheer rock faces. 


Total length : Approximately 8 km without the return trip.

Altitude : Between 1100 and 1300 metres.

Route time : 2 to 3 hours without the return trip

Location :  Savièse, to the right of the Rhône, above Sion.

Difficulty : A very beautiful walk but absolutely not recommended for those suffering from a fear of heights. Children should be carefully watched at all times.  Walkers should be aware that the stretch of bisse from the St Marguerite Chapel towards the point where the bisse takes water is closed from the beginning of November for security reasons

Ordinance Survey map 1 : 50'000  no. 273T Montana.

Best period : June to October.