Bisse de Lens


Built in the 1450s. It is also called the Grand Bisse de Lens.


Total length : 14 km.

Altitude : Between 950 and 1150 metres.

Route time : Approximately 3 hours (without the return trip).

Location :  Chermigon d’En Bas, Lens, Christ-Roi, Lienne, to the right of the Rhône.

Difficulty : From Chermignon d’En Bas to the hill around the Statue of Christ the King there is no particular difficulty. From there, there are some very steep precipitous stretches. This second part is not recommended for those suffering from dizziness or a fear of heights. This bisse can form a loop with the Bisse de Sillonin from where you can also reach the Bisse de Clavau. For more information refer to the instructions for the other bisses on this site.

Ordinance Survey map 1 : 50'000  no. 273T Montana.

Best period : April to November.