Bisse de Briey

This bisse is very short. It begins a hundred meters before the chapel of the Bouillet and the stretch that can be covered ends with the picnic place of Foncouverte. Its water intake is located on the other side of the Val d'Anniviers. The bisse crosses and overhangs the Navizence by a spectacular suspension bridge (pont de l’araignée). On weekends and holidays you can admire the brave bungee jumpers from the bridge. Access to browse the bisse is through Chalais and Briey. Access to the « pont de l’araignée » above the Navizence is through the Val d’Anniviers.





Total length : Approximately2 km

Altitude :Approximately 1’000 m.

Route time : between 30 and 60 minutes 

Location :  This bisse is located on the left bank of the Rhone between Briey and Vercorin

Difficulty : No particular difficulty. 

Ordinance Survey map 1 : 50'000  n. 273 Montana

Best period : April to October.