Bisse de Varone (Varen)


This bisse irrigates a particularly aride area that has suffered major prehistoric geological disturbances in the form of land and rock-slides, proof of which is offered by the hills of Finges and Sierre. 


Total length : Approximately 5 km without the return trip.

Altitude : Between 1000 and 1150 metres.

Route time : Approximately 3 hours, 4 hours with the Bisse Neuf and 6 hours with the Bisse de Mengis.

Location :  The region of Planige above Miège, to the right of the Rhône.

Difficulty : There are no particular difficulties. 

Ordinance Survey map 1 : 50'000  no. 273T Montana.

Best period : May to November.

This bisse contains water from early May to the end of October.